Founder's Story

Just like you, I’ve always known I was meant for bigger things. I graduated high school with this immense passion to travel and explore the world. I had somewhat known the college thing wasn’t for me, but it was a gateway to the life I saw myself living. I left my family and everything I knew to explore college in another town and ended up with a baby girl instead of a degree LOL. 

During my time away, my Mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and I wasn't able to be there for her physically.  I was 8 hours away, raising a new baby, and working a full time demanding job. At age 22, I don't think I understood the gravity of what my mom was battling internally.  

Eventually, I was able to transfer my job to Miami. I had just ended an abusive relationship and my daughter and I moved in with my Mom. I got to spend 7 months with her before she transitioned and it was around this time that my life shifted dramatically. I was only 23 when she left me with a 14 year old bonus daughter in the form of my sister. 

Throughout the years after, I experienced many ups and downs. I experienced heartache, loss, love + romance and above all: beauty. In hindsight, I spent those years exploring the depths of myself through trial and error. Many of my ugly situations were the catalyst to me realizing that I was indeed repeating generational patterns and traumas. It had seemed as if patterns within my Mothers and Grandmother's life were recurring in mine and that was a feeling that always haunted me: Knowing that I wasn’t obligated to settle for my surroundings..knowing that I could rewrite my story at any given time.  

I had so many realizations about my Mothers journey with cancer and I promised myself that I would make the most out of my life because hers was cut extremely short. I remember having the realization that her disease was a spiritual reflection of her life. It was that very concept that led me to exploring different holistic healing modalities that would support my journey towards wholeness. 

By the time I was entering the 6th year with my job, I was worn out in every area of my life and I was desperate for change. I was tired of repeating toxic relationship cycles. I was tired of not feeling in control of my own life. My body was feeling the effects of working a routine, repetitious job. I didn’t want to live paycheck to paycheck. I hated not having enough time to spend with my daughter. I hated feeling tired and miserable all the time. My intuition was becoming louder and louder by the day. I was sure that I wanted to live a life of luxury, pleasure and excitement on MY terms.   

On my 28th birthday, I decided to hit the reset and begin a new path. Despite how it may have appeared to peers + family, I made the decision to quit that job and Gems Jewels came directly after. It was during those 10-12 hour shifts that I would envision Gems Jewels and brainstorm the foundations for her. I didn’t have a clear cut plan for the business but I was obedient to my spirit and I was able to adapt. 

Pulling together my purpose, passions and skills, I’ve been able to create a brand that supports Women awakening their inner healer. This brand supports Women that are breaking generational curses and creating the life they desire. Most importantly, this brand provides access to non-toxic beauty + wellness essentials that support your journey toward wholeness. I believe that Women empowerment does not exist without the foundation of feminine health and wellness. Maintaining a healthy mind, body + soul connection can improve a woman's quality of life, prevent disease + expand her lifespan. It is simply up to women to support other women because we share the same struggles.  

My journey has taught me a lot but the one thing I carry with me is that you absolutely can start again and create the life you dream of.