What is Holistic Wellness?

I did a thing yall....i made a cute ass little graphic on Holistic Wellness..because I was driving myself insane trying to get all my thoughts across in words...I explain the basis and foundations for what living holistic is anddd some practices that may fall under each pillar...

I will start off by saying that Holistic Wellness doesn't have a universal definition....it will look different for many people because it is compromised on the needs of a specific person. Living holistic is about reaching optimal wellness on a deeper level..in totality..within your spiritual, emotional, physical, mental and social health. They all come together to allow for a more joyful way of living. You are essentially balanced in every area of your life. 

You may be feeling like its an unattainable concept but not really..most of us are already doing healing work and other things that fall under holistic healing. The changes don't have to be drastic or overnight..but more so trying and implementing new things that work for you and shedding those that don't support your well being. With lifestyle, it is a constant practice. If you're reading this, you're doing a great job already. 




To avoid overwhelm, I didn't dive too deep but this is definitely a great starting point..To paint a picture.. I think Holistic Health and Wellness is important because we all have this innate power to heal our own bodies, minds + spirit. We live in a world where we are already predisposed to many harmful chemicals through our food, air, water, personal care products, cleaning products..stress + fatigue is like second nature to us...but that doesn't have to rule. 

Lets chat..Tell me about some of the different Holistic Wellness modalities that you practice. 

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