Saying NO to myself is actually saying YES to myself

Saying NO to myself is actually saying YES to myself. What the hell does that even mean? 

As a woman deeply nestled in her feminine energy, I have a hard time telling myself no. When it comes to certain things of course. Like eating fast food instead of just waiting until I get home to make the nutritious meal. Like scrolling through social media instead of completing my SOAP notes. And the list goes on, all i know is that if I don't FEEL like doing the thing that i should be doing, I don't even argue with my brain. I just simply don't do it. I don't even fight for myself. That sounds kinda wild now that i'm typing the words out to myself. 

I have a hard time listening to self and staying disciplined. I could know that a certain decision of mine will not be the best long term, but I consciously CHOOSE the short term pleasure. The temporary high. The cheapest option. OUCH. And that really hurts cause I ain't no cheap girl. 

I am currently on day 4 of a 7 day fast and this shit has really got me thinking and feeling. I should be saying NO to myself to ultimately say YES to myself. Yes to higher quality experiences, YES to long term pleasure. Sustainability. Saying no to cheap thrills allows me to regroup with my higher self and work with my emotions, not AGAINST them. Most importantly, saying no to myself allows me to be fully present. To consciously CHOOSE. In this very moment. One foot in front of the other. As opposed to spiraling and making impulsive decisions that I will be upset with self about the next day. Even years to come. I've been there. My present self is currently experiencing both negative and positive experiences based off of decisions past me made or did not make. But right now in this very moment I am acknowledging that future me could be living her best life if I just did the "hard" things now. If I say No to myself. In the most loving but authoritative way. Because ultimately I am in charge of this journey and I get to CHOOSE everyday.

Not me implementing boundaries against myself....But I love this for me because this is how you truly love on self. This is how you also re-parent self. This is how you nurture the relationship with one's self. Because ya'll know that You Are Who You've Been Looking For.

Always and forever.


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